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Over the years, the United Arab Emirates has experienced a level of growth and progress that has always been an inspiration for many, including its citizens and residents. Out of this constantly evolving quest for dynamic growth and development came the need for business owners to distinguish their product offerings from the rest - and this strong desire for Individuality has led to the establishment of Sweet Lane.


Keeping in mind the renewed interest in baking and decorating cakes– as evidenced by the emergence of trendy dessert bars and the proliferation of home-grown bakeries, Sweet Lane started its operations in 2009 with a specific purpose in mind- to become the UAE’s leading supplier of high quality cakes and baked confections that are customised according to a recipient’s detailed requirements and preferences.


To date, Sweet Lane continues to live up to its reputation as the finest purveyor of high quality custom-made cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked delights that are widely acclaimed not only for their aesthetic appeal but more so for their truly delectable taste. We remain steadfast on our commitment to use only the freshest and most premium ingredients on our products and to continue to harness the skills of talented artists to make each and every cake creation vividly come to life.


After all, Quality and Artistry has, and will always be at the core of every Sweet Lane Cake.

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